National Cook for Your Pet Day

National Cook for Your Pet Day

Barbara Mary Hanly

For thousands of years, baking has always been an innate passion many of us love to do. From Roman cakes to Victorian puddings, throughout history we simply cannot get enough of creating something magical in the kitchen.

On November 1st, we encourage you to roll up your sleeves, grab that mixing bowl and treat your four-legged friend to something special for National Cook for your Pet Day. Baking biscuits to scrumptious scooby snacks, the pawsibilities are endless and we have some fantastic recipes to share to bake your dog something delicious this November.

Our Baking History

Here at Soopa, we have a lot to thank our humble baking bliss for the success of our brilliant business. Before the brand was born, Barbara Hanly (Soopa’s founder) spent time in the kitchen relentlessly trying to create recipes that both her dog Lily and the dogs she would come into contact with in her grooming business would love and enjoy. Barbara began to notice that she would see so many dogs suffering from obesity, diabetes and skin related illness just from the food and treats they were eating and wanted to make a change.

Donning her apron and mixing bowl in hand, Barbara created wholesome, healthy and delicious recipes of tasty treats and before she knew it the blissful brand of Soopa was born. Made with 100% human grade ingredients and free from artificial flavourings, additives and nastiness, it really was baking that made Soopa the brand that it is today.


Cooking for your Canine

Blast on some music, grab your rolling pin and enjoy an afternoon of taste testing some scrumptious snacks with your four-legged friend. Creating homemade dog treats can have significant benefits for your furry friend as you can manage exactly what ingredients your pet is eating. With fruit and vegetables packing pawfuls of immune boosting goodness in the colder weather, help fight off colds and flu in your dog with some tasty treats featuring carrot, pumpkin and even some leafy greens.

 If your dog suffers from skin related allergies to grains and wheat, creating treats specifically for them using wholesome and natural ingredients can help contribute to a better and healthier looking coat and keeps those irritating itches at bay.

Our Ravishing Recipes

 Barbara’s baking bliss has never really disappeared since creating the company. Designing new recipes every month so that you and your furry friend can try something exciting from the comfort of your own home is what the heart of Soopa is all about. When it comes to our four-legged friend, we believe natural is best.

 From calcium crunchies to homemade pumpkin spice lattes, the possibilities are endless of what you could create for your pooch and have some of your own baking bliss this autumn.

 Try one of our amazing recipes today!

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