Doggy Detox This January

Doggy Detox This January

Barbara Mary Hanly

After weeks of festive favourites filling ours and our pets’ bellies during the Christmas period, January brings the chance to cleanse our bodies of all the naughty nibbles we devoured during December. 

With many of us making resolutions to become healthier and happier in 2022, if you and your dog notice a need for a winter cleanse this January there is no better ingredient than those luscious leafy greens. 

Why Is Detoxing Beneficial to your Health?

Especially during the festive period, we tend to consume products higher in ingredients that aren’t always brilliant for our bodies. 

Detoxing is a natural form of cleanse for our livers and colons that ultimately improves how we look and feel. From clearer skin to weight loss (yes, we said it) adding cleaner veggies into your diet this January can help kick start your healthier eating plan making you feel amazing right from the onset. 

In addition, detoxing is not just great for humans but can have significant benefits to our furry friends too. Increasing their intake of plant-based ingredients can help support their digestive system so no more smelly and messy poops to clean up…yipee!

Benefits of Leafy Greens for Detox

Packed with pawfuls of nutritious goodness, leafy greens such as spinach, cabbage and kale have longed been used to naturally cleanse the body of toxins. Containing vitamins such as A and K, these vital vits help support your body's natural function keeping you fit and healthy all year round. 

Benefits of leafy greens include: 

  • Immune system boost helping to keep nasty winter bugs at bay 
  • Increased heart health and cardiovascular support 
  • Maintain healthy gut and digestive system 

These benefits aren’t just seen in humans. Introducing leafy greens can be greatly positive to your dog’s health too meaning January can be the month you both become a little more healthier and happier. 

Best Leafy Green Treats for Dogs

Being advocates for the benefits of plant-based treats for dogs, there is no treat we recommend more for a delicious doggy detox than our Kale & Apple Healthy Bites. 

Made with the finest human grade Kale, these healthy and wholesome bites are bursting with leafy green goodness. Kale is massively beneficial in detoxification as it can help cleanse your dog’s liver and colon keeping their urinary and digestive system in tip top shape. 

Low in calories and combined with apple for immune and dental health support, these scrumptious snacks are just what your dogtor ordered after weeks of festive indulgence. 

So if a detox is just what you and your dog need this January, whilst your cooking up some Kale in the kitchen, hand them a pawful of our Soopa healthy bites for a doggy detox that is delightful and delicious! 

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