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Looking for a delicious dog treat that's healthy too? 

To make the Soopa Chew, we only select the juiciest papaya, the yummiest sweet potatoes and the meatiest coconuts for the chews. They are simply sliced, diced and air-dried to preserve all the raw goodness and chewing satisfaction. Grown and air-dried all in the same facility, all of our products are human grade, vegan and 100% natural. 

Chewy, juicy and nutritious with a tropical taste your dog will LOVE!


2 x Natural Coconut Chews 

2 x Natural Papaya Chews

2 x Natural Sweet Potato Chews

Did you know

Our chews are hand-cut and dried in a human grade factory, so even the humans can have a bite! We don't use any preservatives or powders as we want to keep our chews 100% natural! 

Say what Soopa…
Soopa products are a little different to anything else out there on the market
and whilst they are 100% fabulously healthy for your dog, there are some
points we would like to flag...

1. Coconut, sweet potato and papaya if not chewed well won’t often be fully
digested and let’s face it dogs like to gulp sometimes. If not fully digested and
you see small or large bits in your dog’s poop then don’t fear. This is very
normal and adds another dimension to your pet’s diet offering a prebiotic and
fibrous content aiding good digestion.
2. Coconut seems to be all the rage at the moment but we chose it for its
health benefits. It does however have a detoxifying effect and should be
introduced slowly and fed sparingly. Like anything ‘everything fed in

In short, a chew is meant to clean teeth (check), exercise the jaw and mind
(check check) and hopefully have some health benefits (check check check).
So give it a go and join the rawvolution…


Age 6 Months +
Kidney/liver disease
Low Immunity


100% papaya

100% sweet potatao

100% coconut 



Natural Ingredients
Low Fat
Human Grade
Safe & Easy to Digest
Supports Oral Health