Top Dog Toys This Christmas

Top Dog Toys This Christmas

Barbara Hanly

With Christmas just weeks away, many of us are running around attempting to get any last minute gifts reading to place under the tinselled tree. From rope toys to cuddly teddies, choosing the right toy for our furry friends can seem like a tremendous task but we are here to help.

Having scoured the web for the best toys for your four-legged friend, we have one Christmas List you will definitely not want to miss. Featuring toys from KONG, there specifically designed range of toys are designed for durability, play and to ensure your four-legged friend is occupied for hours and hours of fun. Showcasing some of the best Christmas toys your pooch can get their paws on, here are our top toys that will keep their tails wagging right into the New Year.

KONG Wild Knots Bear

Every single one of us can point to bear that has captured our hearts. For dogs around the world, there is one bear that really is better than the rest. The KONG Wild Knots Bear takes the image of the cute, cuddly teddy bear and turns him into a soft but durable toy that your dog will forever hold close to their heart.

With a knotted skeleton and reinforced plush body, your dog will fall head over paws for this patchwork beauty. Designed to provide extra durability, less stuffing for less mess and an adorable squeaker this toy is pawfect to entice play and cuddle for quieter times when your pooch needs some alone time. When it comes to toys, this is one bear your dog will not forget.

KONG Rewards Ball

As one of KONG’s most popular toys in their range, this fun-filled ball of joy is one that keeps on giving. Highly durable and created to reward on your dog throughout playtime, your pooch will receive an array of benefits from this brilliant bouncing ball.

KONG Rewards randomly dispenses treats or kibble as your dog moves it around. Providing healthy mental stimulation, the unique shape also has an unpredictable bounce that keeps dogs active while they play. The durable material, designed for long-lasting sessions of quiet fun, can also be used for meals to manage weight and can be filled with a range of tasty treats including our healthy bites making a Soopa toy packed with ounces and ounces of fun.

Kong Shaker Honker Large Turkey

We all love a turkey on Christmas Day. Now, your furry friend can get their paws on their own turkey this yuletide. For dogs that prefer a good ole’ game of tug o’ war, KONG Shakers Honkers Turkey is the pawfect toy to satisfy your dog’s need to tug and thrash. With a reinforced neck for chewing fun and long, floppy legs to ease those thrashing urges, this turkey is one your pooch won’t want to get rid of.


So with KONG creating toys to suit all your dog’s needs, invest in some terrific toys today and give your pooch the best Christmas possible.