Support those Shelters

Support those Shelters

Barbara Mary Hanly


When it comes to caring for animals across the world, there is really no comparison to the hard work and determination of animal shelters and rescue centres across the globe. Supporting the rehabilitation of pets from every walks of life, millions of animals are saved each year by the work of these amazing charities.


Celebrated in the second week of November, the world comes together to recognise the wonderful work of Rescue and Shelter Centres in every part of the planet. Here, on our British isles, some of our loving four-legged friends would simply not survive if it wasn’t for the help and love that these incredible people do. And for that, we are truly Soopa grateful!


Wondrous Work

Saving the lives of thousands of dogs across both the UK and Ireland, Dogs Trust is a charity dedicated to ensuring that each and every furry being gets the love and support they so desperately need and deserve.


Often providing life saving care for animals that have been abused, neglected and left in the harshest of conditions, charities such as Dogs Trust work relentlessly to ensure that no matter how hard the work might be, they will do whatever they can to provide loving support for all animals that enter their care.


Depending on donations given by individuals and businesses to help them run their daily support, it is charities such as these that we need to give a little extra love to this autumn. Without your help and support, Dogs Trust would be unable to do the wonderful work they do and dogs, great and small, would be left in conditions that we can even barely imagine.


Our Soopa Support

Here at Soopa, we understand the importance of animal shelters and rescue centres such as Dogs Trust. Each and every month, we work alongside Dogs Trust to showcase what beautiful, brave and brilliant dogs they have within their care. Available to view via our social media pages, who knows who you might fall in love with in just a simple scroll.


It is awareness like this, that helps Dogs Trust find loving and supportive families for the furry friends in their care. Just simply follow @soopapets and see what amazing and adorable four-legged friends you may come across this autumn.


How you can help


For some of us, the thought of bringing home a rescue/shelter dog may seem like an unnerving task. However, it is often said that dogs from shelters and rescues can be more affectionate and loving than dogs which we raise from pups therefore if a new furry friend is what you might be after before the big celebrations this December - consider giving a little love to an animal in need this year.


In addition to animal rehoming, charities such as Dogs Trust allow you to adopt animals and give donations to see your furry friends progress throughout their life. Just some small change each month can help dramatically save the life of a dog and provide a pooch with all the love and care it needs to live a long and happy life - much better use of that change than a Pumpkin Spice Latte!


So with Animal Shelter and Rescue Centre Appreciated Week fast approaching, look at all the things you can do to help a furry friend in need this November.