Street Paws  - Our Real Heroes

Street Paws - Our Real Heroes

Barbara Hanly


Just before Easter, we once again ran our 'Real Heroes' competition. Real Heroes aims to support animal charities across the UK and Ireland with a donation that goes toward helping these amazing charities achieve their goals.

When looking for charities, we ask our Soopa followers to tag someone they think deserves the donation - we're always humbled and amazed by the fantastic response!

The winning charity for April was Street Paws - their mission statement is:

"Founded in Newcastle in April 2016 we are a team of over 170 veterinary professionals who promote animal welfare are relieve the suffering to animals by providing free veterinary care for the homeless, vulnerable housed and those facing extreme poverty in locations across the UK."

If you'd like to donate to Street Paws, head over to their Facebook page.

We'll be continuing Real Heroes in May too, so keep an eye on our social media for how you can enter.

- Barbara


Click here to vistit Street Paws on Facebook