Puppy treats

Puppy Love

Barbara Hanly

With their tiny paws and ears too big for their heads, it is impossible to not fall in love with a puppy. With lockdown 3.0 proving just how fundamental a dog is in our lives, more and more of us are opting to purchase or adopt a puppy to help combat loneliness, anxiety and to have a best friend by our side.

But like the age old saying “puppies aren’t just for Christmas”, understanding the responsibility of owning one of these animals can lead many to reconsider their decision. From toilet training to managing behaviour, a puppy can be a tiresome task but one that is heavily and lovingly rewarding. Our adoration for those four paws is the backbone of our business so we’ve created some handy hints about what to expect when you're expecting...a puppy.

Ease the Anxiety

Often separated from their mothers and siblings at 12 weeks old, puppies often struggle with the change of environment and rightly so. You may hear your puppy cry at night and display challenging behaviour almost like a toddler. This is completely normal as your pup is adjusting to such a vast change in their life. It is important during this time to be patient and loving with your puppy as using affection in times of high anxiety can actually help strengthen the bond between you and your new dog.

We also recommend asking the breeder or adoption centre if your new puppy had a favourite toy or blanket you can take with them that still smells like their mother and siblings. This can ultimately help ease the transition until your puppy is well adjusted and finds your new smells as comforting as their previous.

Invest in Training Pads

It goes without saying that the first few weeks of your puppy’s arrival will be the most challenging and testing. From the first few months, puppies are beginning to understand boundaries and commands so this is the perfect time to train your puppy where to use the toilet. There will be mishaps and mess but this is all part of the puppy process, breathe, invest in antibacterial wipes and a handful of treats for your puppy to reward when they wee and poop outdoors - we promise it will be a proud moment in your life.

For when accidents do occur inside, we advise investing in Training Pads that can be purchased from any supermarket or pet retail store. These pads soak up any messes and can be disposed of in your regular bin. Place pads in the corner, next to doors and in places where your puppy has had an accident before. Do not rely on these pads, it is essential that after food and water, you do encourage your puppy outside and reward them when they have been as this will embed that the training pads are just temporary and not where your puppy goes to the loo.

Invest in Treats

The first stages of your dog’s development are the most vital in their understanding of positive and negative behaviours. Investing in some tasty treats can help you train your puppy to avoid chewing, support lead training and have positive reinforcement when they have been good during times of socialisation with humans and even other dogs.

Puppy treats are often low in fat and contain a whole heap of benefits to supplement their daily dinners. Our NEW puppy dental sticks are ideal for your puppy and contain nothing more than healthy and wholesome ingredients that are pawfect for your new four-legged friend.

So if you soon to have a new set of paws at home, follow our handy hints to make your new life with your pawfect pup as playful and positive as ever.