Avoid Anxiety During Fireworks

Avoid Anxiety During Fireworks

Barbara Mary Hanly

Despite the beauty and glory of our crisp autumn evenings, this often brings with it a whole heap of worry and stress when it comes to one of the most coziest times of the year. With increased noise levels during times such as Bonfire Night, New Years Eve etc. the fright of fireworks can often lead our four-legged friends cowering in the corner unable to enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.

Here at Soopa, we understand the anxiety that can bring and want to make your cosy evenings as stress-free as pawsible. So with our love for all things plant-based ingrained into all our hearts we want to tell you about one plant-based product that can help your pooch stay as calm and cosy when the fireworks begin.

Love some Lavender

As one of the most fragrant garden plants on our shores, Lavender has long been used for its calming and anxiety-easing properties and can have wondrous effects on your four-legged friend when they need some little extra TLC.

Used hundreds of years ago for its sleep-inducing effects, Lavender’s aroma can have the same calming impact on our dogs when they become anxious or nervous during stressful episodes such as Bonfire Night. Often used in food, treats and supplements, we believe the best way to incorporate some luscious lavender into your dog’s life is through their daily grooming routine. Infused into relaxing sprays after brushing and into shampoos and conditioners, just a little spa day with this pawfect plant can lead to your pooch snoozing their way through an evening of firecrackers in the sky.

Spotting Stress in Dogs

Like us, our dogs can experience stress and anxiety in a number of different ways. With their bodies and brains reacting like ours when they feel threatened, scared or even just nervous, we might often find our dog’s behaviour shows some tell-tale signs that they need a little extra TLC.

During evenings such as New Years Eve, unknown noises that are loud and disturbing can affect our dogs on a more intense level due to their super sensitive hearing. What might seem like a small pop in the sky to us is actually a deafening blow to our furry friends hence the stress-ridden behaviour that often follows. You might witness your dog:

  • Barking excessively
  • Whimpering
  • Shaking
  • Chewing/Tearing apart toys/chews that they usually wouldn’t
  • Urinating/defecating in the house


There are all signs and symptoms that your dog is under a deal of stress. Using products such as lavender can help ease the onset of these symptoms in addition to creating a safe space for your dog, playing calming music during the night, giving them their favourite toy or teddy to comfort can all help contribute to a calm pooch that evening.