The Most Popular Dog Names – 2017

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Is your pet’s name on the list?

Choosing your fur-baby is easy.. once you lock eyes with the cutie, you fall in love instantly and know you will together forever.

Choosing a name… now that is the hard part. You need something you won’t get sick of easily (so no novelty names – it’ll get old FAST), something that speaks to the best true character – which is hard to determine at a few weeks old – and something that is uniquely… them! recently conducted a study to find the most common names in the UK, checking over 600,000 records.


They were quite surprised by the results, especially since the name of the year since 2014, Alfie, has lost its number one spot.

The study also revealed the popularity of names based on Geography and the cultural references behind the name.

Bella was the top choice for dogs in London, but Alfie took the top spot up North, dominating Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle.

In terms of pop culture, music certainly seemed to play a key role with the number of animals named after the late pop legends David Bowie and Prince rising significantly after their deaths – with a 573% increase last year.


2017’s most popular pet names for 2017 are:

20. Archie
19. Millie
18. Coco
17. Luna
16. Rosie
15. Tilly
14. Bailey
13. Ruby
12. Milo
11. Molly
10. Buddy
9. Oscar
8. Daisy
7. Teddy
6. Max
5. Lola
4. Charlie
3. Alfie
2. Poppy

And the winner is….

1. Bella

So, did your pet make the list?

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