Health Benefits of Peas For Your Dog

Health Benefits of Peas For Your Dog

Barbara Hanly

Peas are low calorie, an excellent protein source and full of vitamins and minerals. Given that they are really inexpensive you get a lot of bang for your buck when you add peas to your pets diet.

Other reasons peas are ideal for dogs:

They contain alpha and beta-carotene antioxidants and flavonoids which may slow aging
High fibre content can prevent constipation and improve bowel health
Peas prevent heart disease. The anti oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds support healthy blood vessels and the high levels of vitamin B1, folate, B2, B3, and B6 reduce homocysteine levels which is a risk factor for heart disease
Vitamin B and K are well known to assist with strong bones reducing the likely hood of osteoporosis.
Polyphenol in peas can help ward off cancer.
They help strengthen the immune system.
Contain anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce symptoms of arthritis
Niacin in peas helps reduce bad cholesterol
Studies show they provide higher energy levels for your dog.

Health Benefits of Peas

Peas are also bursting with vitamins and minerals including;
– Vitamins K, B1,B6, B2, C
– Manganese,
– Dietary fibre,
– Copper
– Phosphorus
– Folate
– Niacin
– Zinc
– Protein
– Magnesium
– Iron
– Potassium
– Choline

Low calorie, inexpensive peas are a great way of adding extra goodness to your pets diet. They often love the texture too. The fresher the peas, the better! Try to avoid canned peas as these often contain added salt. Provide the pea only as some pea pods as toxic to dogs or may present a choking hazard.

Some varieties of peas can be harmful to dogs with kidney problems as they contain a purine compound. Always contact your vet before introducing a new food into your pets diet.


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