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Getting in shape is hard… But sometimes there is no better motivator than your furry friend. They seem to have boundless energy so are always up for a walk, and if you feel the need to snack, they are more than happy to distract you by sitting on you or getting belly rubs for hours! Here is a few ideas to help you get fit with your dog.


1. Go for more dog walks
Take your canine companion out for an extra walk or just go a little further on your current walks. If you let your dog off the lead for a run, then increase your pace for short bursts, building up over time. Walking your dog at a brisk pace can burn 300 calories an hour!

2. Take your Pet to agility
Agility id great for dogs. It keeps them fit, burns off enery and keeps the mind active! You have to run along side your pooch you’ll be burning the calories too. Agility training is also a great bonding session!

3. Change your walking routes
Make your walks more challenging by tackling some hills or heading to the beach to walk over soft sand which can take more effort. Your dog will love the chance to explore new places and scents.

4. Don’t snack, train!
If you’re working hard to diet then your dog can help! There will be times when you’re tempted to snack on something unhealthy. Instead reach for some dog treats and teach your dog a new trick. Or use the time to play with your dog or give them loads of belly rubs (once you start you can’t stop!) This will distract you, bond you and your pet and studies show it helps lower your blood pressure! If you can distract your self for five minutes, its enough to make the craving pass.

5. Play more games
Enjoying a game with your dog can burn off calories. Tug of war, chasing, rolling, throwing a ball all fun for your dogs and toning for you. Play lots of short fun games with your pet and you’ll both feel the benefit.

6. Don’t have a dog? Don’t worry!
If you don’t have a dog but want to take advantage of a furry fitness companion, stop by your local animal rescue and volunteer your time as a dog walker. You’ll get exercise, give back to a charity and make lots of friends. Whats not to love?

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