Ivor is a stunning young German Shepherd cross who is ready to start his life over again and cannot wait to find his loving, forever family. Ivor is a real gentleman who likes to look nice and is always happy to be groomed. He is an energetic boy who loves to be busy, he will need plenty of exercise and brain work to keep him happy and in good form. Ivor is a typical family dog who likes to take part in family trips and wants to be included in every activity. He is also very affectionate lad, who enjoys cuddles and affection, he is an oversized lap dog!

Type of home needed

Ivor likes the company of other playful, similar size dogs, therefore he should be fine living with another companion once he is introduced to the dog sucessfully. Ivor is a bouncy and easily excitable boy therefore he will be best living with adults.

If you think you can offer Ivor a loving home, then please contact Dogs Trust on 01 879 1000. They are based in Finglas, just off exit 5 on the M50.

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