Benefits of dog walking

Why Walkies are Wonderful 🐾

Barbara Hanly

With January behind us and the country in the middle of its third national lockdown, finding activities to keep ourselves and our pets in good health might appear a troublesome task. However, with our pets being the reason smiles glide upon our faces, February brings a day to celebrate exploring the outdoors with our four-legged friends.

Throughout February, dog owners across the country are encourage to escape their four walls and venture out with their canine companions for this month is National Walk your Dog Month. Created to emphasise the importance of outdoor activity for mental and physical wellbeing in humans and animals, this February grab your wooly warmers and lavish leads and take your pooch on an adventure this spring.

Benefits of Walkies

Since March last year, it can be safe to say that we all took the outdoors for granted. Confined to our homes with little or no contact with the outside world, moments of exercise did wonders for our mental health and physical wellbeing.

Blissful Bodies

For pet owners, lockdown has made us more aware of the significant impact our pets can have on our health. Forcing us to brave the outdoors for walks and adventures, we truly are thankful for our furry friends in the most testing time of our lives.

Providing both cardiovascular and joint support when out and about, long walks with your dog have pawfulls of benefits for our bodies than we can imagine. In terms of our pets, regular exercise all aid their normal bodily functions maintaining their muscles, joint and heart ensuring weight is managed and their bodies are in tip top shape all year round.

Mindfulness Magic

We all know the importance of fresh air and getting outdoors. Now, with another national lockdown until who knows when, getting outside for exercise has never been more important for us and our pets. Providing more stimulation than indoor play, outdoor exercise can encourage our pets to become more confident with the outdoors such as roads, other walkers and even other dogs. Socialising our pets is fundamental in their lives and can have a significant impact on their wellbeing throughout their life. Just a walk a day can improve a dog’s wellbeing and in turn can help to improve our mindset too.

Giving a light relief from our four walls, exercise releases chemical, known as Serotonin, in our brains that influence our moods and feelings. Getting outdoors with our pets not only boosts our mood but can improve and strengthen the bond between you both meaning a whole lot of love from just a few steps in the great outdoors. That sound likes something we can get on board with.


So with February well underway and crisp winter mornings waking us from our slumber, grab your coats and leads and experience the outdoors with your pooch.

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