Why is Papaya Good for Dogs?

Why is Papaya Good for Dogs?

Barbara Mary Hanly

For years, we have long fed our dogs the same old boring meat-based snacks, but did you know that fruit is one of the most nutritious treats you can give to your canine companion? 

One fruit that is taking the pet food market by storm is papaya. Grown in tropical regions, this fantastical fruit has a plethora of health benefits for our furry friends. From supporting digestion to bone health, a piece or two of papaya a day really can help keep your dog happier and healthier for longer. 

So, with pawfuls of benefits packed into its bright and beautiful flesh, here’s everything you need to know about why giving your dog pieces of papaya can help improve their health in more ways than one. 

Can dogs eat Papaya safely?

Papaya, like any treat, is great for your dog when fed as part of a balanced diet. High in fibre, overfeeding your dog papaya can lead to an upset tummy with symptoms like flatulence and loose stools. As added fruit should take up no more than 10% of your dog’s diet, it is recommended to feed your dog no more than 2-3 cubes of papaya per day. 

The papaya’s outer skin is not edible for animals or humans so always remove it before consuming. In addition, like apples, seeds are not advised to be fed to your pet as they can contain small amounts of cyanide which can lead to toxicity in your dog. 

Fresh, frozen or papaya-based treats are the best and safest way to feed papaya to your dog.

Benefits of Papaya for Dogs

Papaya is one of the best fruits to feed your dog as it contains a multitude of vitamins and minerals that contribute to a happier and healthier dog. Containing both Vitamin A and C, papaya is great for improving immune health - aiding in keeping colds, coughs and other illnesses at bay. Vitamin A is also vital for eye health helping to keep your dog’s vision in tip-top shape. Finally, full of Vitamin E, papaya can manage a healthier and shinier-looking coat. 

Papaya is also a natural source of papain, an enzyme that assists calls in fighting off infection and healing wounds, which can be a great supplement for dogs who are recovering from veterinary treatment and need a little extra TLC. Does your dog suffer from swollen joints or arthritis? Papain also has anti-inflammatory properties assisting in reducing swelling and soreness of bone/joint-related issues. 

Like many fruits and veggies, Papaya is an excellent source of natural fibre. Being high in fibre, papaya can support senior dogs in managing a healthy weight as natural fibre allows the digestive system to work exactly as it should, keeping bowel movements healthy and regular. Whether your dog needs to lose a little weight or is suffering from constipation, a little papaya a day can help shed those extra pounds and allow their digestion to stay healthier for longer. 

 How to give Papaya to your dog

When it comes to fresh papaya, this tropical treat is available across many leading supermarkets. If you wish to feed your dog fresh papaya then the best way to prepare it is to make sure it is absent from its outer skin. Firstly, slice the papaya in half lengthways and scoop out any seeds (as these can be a choking hazard to your furry friend). 

Fresh Papaya

Next, remove the outer layer with a sharp knife or peeler and cut the flesh into bite-size cubes. Add two or three pieces to your dog’s dinner or even combine it with gorgeous fat-free greek yoghurt for a healthy and wholesome dessert. 

Frozen Papaya

Want a papaya treat that lasts a little longer? Supermarkets also offer frozen papaya cubes or even freeze your own batch of papaya and defrost when needed. Fresh papaya loses its freshness and flavour after a few days once prepared so we would always recommend freezing fruit and veggies to give your furry friend a longer lasting reward. 

Soopa Papaya Chews

Does your dog fancy papaya without any prep or fuss? Well, here at Soopa, we understand how great papaya can be for your furry friend so we have created a delicious dental chew that combines the fantastic flavour of this tropical treat whilst providing your dog with a healthy and wholesome dental chew to support the health of their teeth and gums. 

Made with nothing more than naturally dried papaya, these 100% human-grade dental sticks are suitable for all age dogs and can support your dogs oral, digestive and even skin health making them one of the most versatile treats on the market. 

Treat your Dog to All Natural Papaya Treats 

Suitable in both fresh and frozen forms, papaya is a tremendous treat to feed your dog if you wish to manage your dog’s immunity, digestion and even eye health. For those wanting this tasty treat without the fuss, Soopa’s range of naturally air-dried papaya is the best way to give your dog papaya without any need to spend time in the kitchen. 

High in fibre and full of natural antioxidants, papaya is one of the best tropical fruits to add to your dog’s weekly diet. Mixed with yoghurt, fed on its own or in the form of Soopa’s delicious dental chews, we can guarantee this fantastic fruit will get its tail wagging from the very first bite.

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