Why is Carrot Good for Dogs?

Why is Carrot Good for Dogs?

Barbara Mary Hanly

For pet owners out there who have witnessed their four-legged friend pinch a carrot or two in their time, you may wonder…are carrots actually good for our dogs? The answer is…YES! 

Packed with pawfuls of immune supporting vitamins and minerals, both raw and cooked carrots can be a terrific treat for your dog and can help maintain healthy eyes, digestion and immune system in your canine companion. 

So, as our root veggies are in their prime, there’s no better time to find out just how good carrots can be for your dog. 

Benefits of Carrots for Dogs (900)

For centuries, we have long been told about the benefits of fruit and vegetables in our diets. Providing whole heaps of vitamins and minerals to support our bodies, root vegetables, in particular, have always been considered some of the best food so it is no wonder when it comes to our furry friends - carrots are highly recommended for their superpowers in keeping our dog’s health in tip-top condition. 

  • Doggy Dental Care

  • One of the main ways carrots can support your dog’s health is through their teeth. Whole carrots act as one of Mother Nature’s best dental chews and can help keep your dog’s pearly whites looking and smelling as clean as ever. 

    Crunching on carrots each day can help shift unwanted plaque and tartar build-up minimising problems like gum disease. Whilst chewing on their firm and crunchy exterior, carrots massage your dog’s gum line pushing away built-up food and plaque to help keep their teeth clean and fresh. 

    Does your dog suffer from stinky breath? Poor oral hygiene could be the cause, so gnawing away on these root veggies can help minimise smelly breath making those slobbery kisses fresher than ever before.

    So, if your pooch hates the toothbrush every morning - giving them a carrot a day can really help keep the dentist away!

  • Protect their Peepers

  • We have all heard the age-old tale that carrots are great for our eyesight but does this apply to our canine companions? The answer is…YES! 

    Carrots contain natural forms of Vitamin A (also known as retinal) a vitamin that supports our and our dog’s eyesight helping to keep their vision clear and helping prevent problems such as cataracts in the future. 

  • Improve Their Immunity

  • One of the biggest benefits carrots have to offer is supporting the immunity of your four-legged friends. Containing beta-carotene, a pigment found in many types of fruit and vegetables that is naturally converted into Vitamin A, carrots are a natural antioxidant supporting keeping the body in tip-top condition. 

    Antioxidants, like beta carotene, help prevent the absorption of free radicals (nasty atoms that damage cells and increase the likelihood of illness) so the body can naturally fight any incoming illness or help prevent the likelihood of long-term illnesses like cancer and heart disease. 

    As our furry friends explore the world with their mouths and paws, the chances of picking up the occasional bug or virus is likely so helping to support their immune system can ensure your dog stays healthy all year around. With anxiety, stress and even ageing all affecting your dog’s immune system, increasing your dog’s intake of fruit and veggies really can go a long way. 

  • Tackle Troublesome Tummies

  • From time to time, our furry friends can suffer from a troublesome tummy. Whether it is excessive flatulence or looser stools, doggy digestion can be supported and maintained simply by what you put into their diet. 

    Full of natural fibre, carrots act as a great source of tummy-taming goodness helping to reduce:

    • Bloating
    • Flatulence
    • Loose stools
    • Stinky stools

    Made up of natural soluble and insoluble fibre, carrots can be beneficial for dog’s suffering from both constipation and bouts of diarrhoea. 

  • Great Low-Fat Treat

  • When it comes to treating your pooch, there is no better way to do it than naturally, healthy and low-fat treats. With many high-street, cheap dog treats containing heaps of saturated fat and salt, these treats can lead to weight gain and even obesity in our pets. 

    Containing just 25 calories for 1 medium-sized (61g) carrot, this vibrant veggie really is one of the most pawfect snacks to give to your four-legged friend. A low-calorie treat means dogs on weight management plans or those suffering from obesity can benefit from a carrot a day as both a simple snack or dental chew as part of their daily diet. 

    Top tip! Have a golden oldie in your home? Senior dogs, who may be less active, can benefit massively with the added bonus of a carrot or two. Low in fat and great for their eyes, if you have a senior dog at home - a carrot really can support their overall health and wellbeing.

    Easily affordable, super quick to prepare and low in calories, when it comes to tasty treats, the carrot really is the king of the crop. 

    Ultimately, carrots contain a plethora of blissful benefits for our four-legged friends. From minimising illness to supporting doggy digestion, there really is no wonder we created our own treats to showcase the Soopa powers carrots can have on the health of your canine companion.

    How to Safely Feed Carrot to your Dog 

    Carrots are perfectly safe for your pet either cooked in their natural state. As we know, fruit and veggies can lose their vitamin and mineral quantities when boiled so steaming, roasting and raw are the safest ways to feed carrots to your dog. 

    When roasting, try adding a little natural coconut oil prior to the oven as Coconut Oil contains heaps of MCT’s - beneficial in boosting your dog’s eye and joint health without any nasty added saturated fats. 

    If you choose to feed your dog raw carrots (which make fantastic dental treats) ensure they are thoroughly washed, chop off the frond (top) and give to your dog whole as chopping into small pieces can create potential choking hazards. 

    Top Tip! With any form of chew - supervision is key so never leave your dog alone with a chew or dental stick. No matter what age your dog might be, especially a puppy, ensure you are always keeping an eye on your pooch when giving them a tasty treat (or two!). 

    Canned Carrot or Fresh Carrot

    When it comes to canned or fresh carrots, there really is no major difference when feeding your four-legged friend. Canned carrots do contain a little less nutritional quality than fresh ones, however, not much to make a fundamental impact when choosing between them. 

    In terms of calories, canned carrots do contain 10 kcals less per 100g than fresh carrots. At just 25kcal per 100g, canned carrots can be an easy and healthy treat to give to your four-legged friend. 

    Despite the longevity of tinned food, storing carrots in the fridge rather than in a pantry can increase their quality dramatically. Storing them in a cooler environment is also a great way of creating a soothing dental stick - pawfect for puppies experiencing teething. 

    How Much Carrot Should I Feed My Dog?

    Like any treat you give to a pet, moderation is key. If you are considering feeding carrots to your dog, then feed no more than the equivalent of one whole carrot per day. 

    A medium-sized carrot is roughly around 61 grams so if you are choosing sliced, diced or mashed carrot rather than a fresh, whole one then just over 60 grams is the pawfect amount to feed to your four-legged friend. 

    Although a few carrots won’t massively upset your dog’s tummy, overfeeding carrots to your dog may lead to increased flatulence and softer stools so it is always best to stick to the recommended amount.  

    Treat your Dog to All Natural Carrot Treats

    Ultimately, carrots are a ravishing reward for your furry friend and can help give immune support, clean teeth and keep their eyes working exactly as they should. But, if you wish to give your canine companion a carrot treat with a difference then look no further than Soopa’s Carrot & Pumpkin Healthy Bites and Treats. 

    Made with 100% human-grade carrot and pumpkin, these low-calorie, all-natural and wholesome treats are the best reward for dogs that just love their root veggies. Packing in all the pawesome benefits carrots and pumpkin has to offer, when it comes to these tasty treats are so wholesome, it’s as if they’ve been pulled straight from the ground.

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