Watching their Weight

Watching their Weight

Barbara Mary Hanly

Nearly all of us can agree that our exercise regime tends to go out the window when the night grows darker much quicker. With the majority of us preferring to curl up on the couch with a hot chocolate and a hearty meal rather than put on our running shoes, many of us see our weights grow that little bit larger over the winter months.

Those icy winds and bouts of heavy rainfall don’t just tend to keep ourselves tucked up indoors, our furry friends are rather unwilling to venture outside too. As autumn sets firmly in and the daylight leaves us that little bit earlier, our dogs' daily walks soon become shorter and less impactful. Trust us! We understand the need to curl up on the couch with our furry friends but with less of us wanting to venture outdoors, we might see our pets pile on the pounds also. With our fabulous flavours of low-calorie treats and our expertise in doggy care, we have some tips and tricks to ensure that your four-legged friend stays in tip top shape when the weather outside may be a little too frightful.

Invest in a Slow Feeder

If your dog is out for less periods of time in the colder months, investing in a slow feeding bowl can both help your dog’s brain stimulation and reduce the likelihood of your pooch scoffing down their delicious dinner at mealtimes.

Designed to encourage your dog to take a slower approach to chomping away at their food as its shape prevents your dog from gulping down portions, these bowls can actually help stimulate your dog’s brain making meal time an activity in itself. Available at local pet stores, these delightful pieces of dinnerware really can make a difference to your dog’s health if you are trying to watch their weight.

Play at Home

Just like us humans, our dogs need exercise in order to stay fit and healthy. But when the wild weather wanders in, we often desire to do nothing more than pop on our coats and venture out into the freezing cold.

Playing with your dog indoors can not only keep them from piling on the pounds but can help strengthen your bond. Playing indoor games such as tug o war or even smaller and safer bouts of fetch can keep your dog stimulated when the outdoors may not be an option.


Love Low-Calorie

Just because it’s low calorie, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to taste delicious. At Soopa, our fantastic flavours of tasty treats are not just scrumptious beyond belief but contain only 3 calories per treat making them an ideal snack for those dogs who might need to be a little healthier.


With high-street brands of dog treats often containing added flavourings, derivatives and ingredients that aren’t too great for our dogs, every single Soopa snack is made with 100% human grade fruit and vegetables made to help keep your dog as healthy and happy as ever before. With our flavours including

Your dog will be spoilt for choice of what tasty treat they can enjoy whilst ensuring they are keeping obesity at bay.


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