Troublesome Tummies: Find Some Soopa Relief

Troublesome Tummies: Find Some Soopa Relief

Barbara Mary Hanly

From weight gain to poor digestion, at some point in your dog’s life, they will have experienced a problem with their gut. Picking up bacteria when playing, chewing and exploring the outdoor world, as dog owners we often expect an upset tummy here and there. If your dog is a constant sufferer of vomiting, loose stools or even excessive flatulence, changing their diet and even treats can help alleviate any bloated bellies ensuring your pooch’s tummy is trouble free!

Another issue affecting our four-legged friends is also a matter of the tummy. For those of us who’ve spent the last few months curled up in our pjs and avoiding the winter weather may have found we have a little extra unwanted weight. For our dogs, weight gain can be impactful on both health and wellbeing so, if you are starting the spring with a health kick, why not give your pooch the same healthy TLC and help combat weight gain in your furry friend. 

Best Treats for Weight Gain

Created with fantastic flavour and a healthy boost of nutrition, our Healthy Bites are exactly what they say on the box. Bite-sized pieces of healthy goodness, our blissful bites are only 3 calories per bite making them a pawfect treat for dogs on weight management plans or who may be a little less active in their senior years. 

Made with 100% human-human grade fruit and vegetables, when it comes to rewarding your pooch with something healthy, these are the treats for you. In a variety of fabulous flavours for your dog to enjoy and adore, there really is nothing better for a healthy, wholesome treat than our brilliant Healthy bites

Best Treats for Poor Digestion

For those with allergies or intolerances and finding treats a tricky task, choosing our natural range of fruit-based treats is a wonderful way of rewarding your dog without any nasty upset tummies. Although our treats don’t claim to cure any ailments or illness, there are 5 stars proven to help support and nurture your dog’s digestive system helping to keep in the good bacteria and provide your pet with pawfuls of nutritional goodness. 

Choose from our classic chew flavours: Coconut, Papaya or Sweet Potato for a treat that treats taste buds and tummies with every single bite. 

Benefits of Plant-Based Treats

As unnatural meat-based treats can often lead to excessive bloating, flatulence and loose stools in our pets, many of us are opting for plant-based alternatives for our pets. Helping to soothe stomachs and reduce our carbon footprint, take a peek at just what benefits your dog can have from switching to our plant-based products today:

  • Firmer stools
  • Reduced flatulence
  • Less likelihood of weight-gain (when treats are regulated)
  • Improved coat and skin

Have a dog with a troubled tummy? Fear not, we are here to support  doggy digestion so make the switch to Soopa today and help alleviate those stomach symptoms and keep your dog feeling healthier and happier for longer.

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