Top Dog Breeds 2021

Top Dog Breeds 2021

Barbara Mary Hanly


With a rise in dog ownership over the past 12 months, many of us are realising life is so much better with a four-legged friend by our side. However, one of the most challenging choices we can make when deciding to bring a puppy home is what breed to go for. From hundreds to choose from, understanding what breed is right for you really is what is needed to give your brand new pooch a happy home.


So with increased puppy purchases and more of us swaying towards having a pawfect pooch in our homes, we thought we would help make those decisions a little easier and have created a list of the Top Dog Breeds in 2021 helping you make the decision that will most definitely change your life...for the better.


Cocker Spaniel

As one of the most affectionate and playful pups out there, there has been a recent rise in cocker spaniel ownerships and it’s not hard to see why. With their gorgeous wavy ears, fluffy coats and active personalities, a cocker spaniel will suit owners looking for a dog who is loyal, affectionate and highly trainable.  

These breeds love any active play and can often be ball mad so be sure to have baskets of tennis balls ready if you decide to bring home one of these delightful doggies.


Labrador Retrievers

Yes! Those gorgeous Andrew puppies definitely had to make the 2021 list. Gorgeously coloured and loving beyond belief, lockdown has seen a surge in Labrador purchases and the need for these playful pups. This mixed breed delivered both intelligence, gentility and affection and is a great dog for families with younger children and can be a great companion needed in working homes.


Jack Russell Terrier

These small and energetic dogs are great companions for all. Needing less amounts of exercise than larger breeds such as retrievers, collies or spaniels, but still are bundles of energy when it comes to play and fun. Highly affectionate and adorable to watch, these tiny terriers are definitely one for those who love to play and train.



 Being a mix of cocker spaniel and poodle, this ringlet wearing poochie is definitely one for those who love a dog with a full head of hair! With one of the most curly coats on the market, the cockapoo is one fun-loving and free wheeling pooch breed out there. Highly trainable and human adoring, this dog is a great alternative as a full breed cocker spaniel appears to be energetic for you.


English Springer Spaniel

We couldn’t provide a list of top ten breeds without including this century favourite that has provided love, support and affection for owners for years and years. Often used as working dogs on farms and rural properties, Springer Spaniels make lovingly loyal pets and are highly affectionate every minute of the day.

Highly energetic and require walking for good amounts each day, these beautifully coated dogs are great for families or individuals.


French Bulldog

With almost 50,000 of these dogs owned in the UK, it is no surprise that this small and lively pooch has made our top ten list. Short-haired and pointy eared, this Stitch like canines make cute and cuddly pets and great for those with families. Requiring less exercise than larger breeds, this breed is ideal for those unable to go on active walks daily and those with smaller children.



Known by their commercial name “sausage dog”, these wiggly bummed and energetic dogs are a great way to introduce yourself to the smaller breed family. Often looking like tiny versions of cocker spaniels, these breeds will make great companions without the need for strenuous amounts of exercise.



As smaller breeds appear to dominate the top ten list, one that is definitely deserving of a mention is the Pug. Known as the clowns of the Kennel Club due to their need to play and mess around, this small and sturdy dog is a great short-haired pet if thoughts of moulting make you nervous.



Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Known as Staffies amongst the dog community, these short-haired, medium-build dogs make great companions for any family. Often chosen more from rescue shelters and centres, these breeds have skyrocketed in the adoption circle due to their cuddly, soft and loving nature.


German Shepherd

Despite their dramatic growth rate from puppy to adult, it is no shock that this extremely loyal, protective and loving dog has made our top ten list. Often used as puppies in Police forces as sniffer and tracking dogs, this highly intelligent and skilled breed make a great family pet no matter how big they might become.

 No matter what breed or size you choose, with some love, affectionate and extra TLC, you will have a dog that loves you no matter what.

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