The Pawfect Christmas Gift

The Pawfect Christmas Gift

Barbara Hanly

With Christmas just around the corner, filling the stocking of our four-legged friend can seem like a stressful task but here at Soopa, we are here to make your Christmas shopping as stress free as possible and have the most pawfect gift for our furry friend this festive season.

When it comes to Christmas shopping, there really is nothing more quintessentially Christmassy than the ‘Selection Box’. Packed with a range of sweet treats to keep our tastebuds tantalised, our yuletide would just not be the same without a selection of scrumptious snacks to indulge in whilst watching our favourite movie. Well, with Soopa, your pooch can enjoy their own dog-friendly selection box as we have created a treat that your dog will definitely adore this Christmas.

Our Tasty Treats

Combining our healthy bites and delicious dental sticks our Cranberry & Sweet Potato Gift Box is everything your pet needs this Christmas. Completely natural and tasty beyond belief, our tasty treats this Christmas will leave your furry friend desperate to rip open that wrapping paper and see what’s hiding beneath the tree.

Completely hypoallergenic and 100% grain-free, this selection of scrumptious snacks will give your pooch a taste of what Christmas is all about. Packed with handfuls of Cranberry and Sweet Potato, these bite-sized snacks and delicious dental sticks are a healthy treat for our canine on Christmas. Suitable for all breeds and dogs above 6 months of age, these tasty treats will keep their breath fresh, teeth clean and bellies fully right up to Christmas Dinner.

The Blissful Benefits

Acting as an amazing antioxidant for our dogs, cranberries are a superb source of Vitamin C. Boosting their immune system and keeping their bodies in tip top shape, cranberries can optimise healthy nerve and cognitive functions, boost metabolism and aid in the efficient absorption of nutrients meaning your dog gets all the wholesome goodness they need for a long and happy life.

Furthermore, Sweet Potato is packed with pawfulls of beta-carotene that effectively works alongside the superberry to provide your pooch with an immune boost of veggie goodness. These ingredients work harmoniously to ensure our pet’s bodies are fighting fit and their tails are wagging each and every day.

Available on our website for an amazing £6.99, this is one treat you definitely don’t want to miss. When it comes to selection boxes, there is nothing quite like a Soopa one to get your pet into the Christmas spirit.


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