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The Benefits of Sweet Potato for you Dog 🍠

Barbara Hanly

With grain-free treats storming the pet food market, many companies are opting with root vegetables to replace boring bulking agents such as white potato and cereals to pack into their dog food and treats. As research uncovers how these grains can result in everything from itchy skin to troublesome tummies, here at Soopa we have found different ways to keep our treats as yummy and satisfying as ever.

One of our wonderful ways to keep your dog’s treats as pawfect as ever is the incredible ingredient of Sweet Potato. Providing the same filling power as their white counterparts, these delightfully orange vegetables are crammed with a multitude of nutrition to ensure your dog’s diet is as wholesome and nutritional as ever. With both our dental sticks and healthy bites featuring the wonder of Sweet Potato, here’s why it is one of the most vital of veggies for your four-legged friend.

Great for Doggy Digestion

High in fibre, sweet potato is a fantastic way to keep your dog’s digestion in tip top shape. Containing luscious levels of fabulous fibre that convert into gut-supporting fat, sweet potatoes aid into keeping your dog’s tummy working exactly the way it should.

Often being used as a substitute for regular white potatoes, treats containing these magical veggies is an ideal treat for dogs with food allergies or intolerances to grains.

Incredible for their Immune System

Loaded with Vitamin A and Beta-carotene, Sweet Potatoes are Mother Nature’s anti-oxidant helping ensure your dog’s body is fighting fit each and every day. Unlike cats, dogs can actually convert beta-carotene into Vitamin A which can assist in maintenance of good eye, brain and digestive health.

In addition to Vitamin A and B,  sweet potatoes are also high in the immune strengthening Vitamin C which is all know is vital at keeping those bugs at bay. Supporting our canine’s immune system, research has shown that regular intake of Vitamin C can assist in quicker recovery from illness and injuries in our pets.

Low in Fat

We all know the importance of regulating our intake of carbohydrates. However, with the likes of regular potatoes often causing gastrointestinal problems in both humans and dogs, sweet potato is the pawfect alternative for those wanting the same filling power but avoiding the higher fat content. Providing a healthier alternative to regular potatoes, sweet potatoes are ideal for dogs on weight management plans, with digestive issues or just wanting a healthier and more nutritious diet.

Our Sweet Potato Chews

Suitable for all dog sizes and breeds, our dehydrated sweet potato chews are a pawfect treat for your dog this autumn. Packed with an abundance of nutrition, these wholesome chews are an all-natural alternative to meat-based chews. Featuring no added sugars, these scrumptious snacks slowly release the natural and fabulous flavours of sweet potato giving your dog a tasty treat that will keep their tails wagging all day long.

Available in single, trio and 6 pack varieties, our sweet potato treats really do showcase how pawfect this vital veggie is for your four-legged friend. Click here to buy NOW!


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