Barbara Mary Hanly

As a brand dedicated to improving the lives of dogs around us, we love going above and beyond to help ensure that creatures great and small are given the best life possible. Being the light in our darkness over the Covid-19 pandemic, our pets have proven to us time and time again that their unconditional love and support is sometimes the only reason we have a smile on our face. 

Understanding the power of our pets, we thought only necessary to do our bit to give a little love and give back to the ones that have given us so much over our lifetimes. Created to help raise funds for charities across the UK, our Instragram project #SoopaHeroes has helped change the lives of animals across our nation and hopefully helped furry friends, great and small, to live longer and happier lives. 

The Campaign

In addition to our regular support of Dog’s Trust, we thought giving back to more than one charity is what we needed to do as a brand to help showcase the importance of spreading a little love over the recent year. Fore-fronted by our brilliant marketing team, our #SoopaHeroes campaign aims to increase awareness of small, independent and local charities across the British Isles and the relentless work that they do to support animals in their care. 

With the help and encouragement of our fabulous and fantastic followers, we select one charity every month to win a donation from our brand to help support their hard-work and care. With minimum donations of £100 each month, we do our bit to ensure these charities never cease their amazing work to support all the animals around us each and every day. 

By highlighting individual charities on such a large and ever-growing social network, the awareness each nominated charity raises is astonishingly unbelievable...and we are so proud to be a part of it. With charities such as Spaniel Aid, Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, National Animal Welfare Trust, FreshField Animal Rescue and The Haven Rescue all but a few of the charities we have helped to succeed - we only wish to grow our campaign more and more to improve the lives of pets in and around the UK and Ireland. 

Soopa Success

In addition to raising awareness of these small, independent and life-saving charities, we are proud to be a part of a project, helping those animals who need a little extra TLC to feel loved, appreciated and adored just as much as we love our own. Ultimately, being a business that stemmed from a passion to improve the life of just one little pooch, we have blossomed into a brand that is dedicated to ensuring that our four-legged friends lead lives more wholesome, healthier and happier than ever before. 

Because truth be told, it is our dogs that really are our #SoopaHeroes. 

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