Soopa Snacks for Allergy Relief

Soopa Snacks for Allergy Relief

Barbara Mary Hanly

When it comes to creating treats with a difference, there’s no one who does it quite like Soopa’s founder, Barbara Hanly. After scouring the web trying to find treats that didn’t upset the tummy of her tiny dog, Lily, Barbara decided enough was enough and she would roll up her sleeves and head into the kitchen. 

After months upon months of different recipes, ingredients and a whole lot of experimenting…the Soopa treats we know and love today were born. Created with wholesome ingredients and nothing more than the finest fruits, veggies and botanicals, our range of dental sticks, fruit chews and healthy bites are pawfect for those dogs who struggle to find treats that don’t upset their bellies. 

Allergies in Dogs

Allergies and intolerances in our furry friends can present in a multitude of different ways. From troublesome tummies to itchy skin, foods containing high-levels of nasty bulking grains such as rice, white potato and barley can leave our pets feeling a little under the weather. 

With Lily experiencing the same allergie effects as many of our canine companions, Barbara’s carefully considered combination of fruit and vegetables ensures no added nastiness and the treats are both delicious and kind on skin and bellies. 

Soopa Chews & Healthy Bites: Best Anti-Allergy Treats

Made with nothing more than the purest and healthiest fruits, vegetables and botanicals, our dental sticks and healthy bites are a great way to treat your pet without any worry of a troubled tummy or irritated skin. Free from any grains, bulking agents or added preservatives or flavourings, these 100% wholesome, natural and nutritionally benefits treats can help keep your dogs skin, coat and digestion in tip top shape all year around. 

Root for Root Veggies!

For dogs looking for extra TLC in their diets, our carrot & pumpkin dental sticks and bites are a root vegetable revelation with a difference. Loaded with pawfuls of vital vitamins C to support immune health, these tasty treats can help keep your dog’s good full of healthy bacteria and help ward off any nasty bugs or bacteria. 

Fancy some fruit?

As allergies in our pets often stem from dietary issues such as an inability to digest food and treats filled with unnatural ingredients and chemicals, our range of natural fruit-based chews are the pawfect product for dogs with sensitive tummies. 

Created with nothing more than just 100% naturally dried coconut and papaya, these fantastical fruit chews are not just great for tummies but blissfully beneficial to teeth too! Our naturally dried coconut treats are a fantastic way to reward your four-legged friend and bursting with Omega goodness to support your dog’s skin and coat - keeping it glossier and shiner than ever before. 

So, if your dog has a sensitive tummy or irritated itches that just won’t budge. Try giving them a snack with a difference. Give them a snack that is Soopa beyond belief.

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