The Perfect Low Fat Treat for Your Dog

The Perfect Low Fat Treat for Your Dog

Barbara Hanly

We had a Soopa idea, and thought we would talk to you about pet obesity and weight management. 50% of dogs In the U.K are overweight and only a small percentage amongst these, have a predisposition for weight gain that can’t easily be addressed. Food and exercise is a huge contributing factor to your dog’s health, as you well know. Over feeding and lack of exercise can lead to weight gain but something that can make a huge difference to calorie intake is reducing your pet’s daily treats. Treats should be limited daily and only for special occasions or rewards for training and a job well done.


Soopa Sweet potato chews are a fantastic, healthy treat to give pets to l help maintain blood sugars and Soopa low in fat. Soopa Papaya chews are less than 1% fat and our Coconut Chews contain a medium chained triglyceride that is metabolised differently to most fats and can create a source of energy and in fact help aid weight management. Soopa Pet Chews are a fantastic and safe treat to give to your pet as they are pure, raw, dehydrated and unadulterated veg and fruit chews chosen for their particular healing powers in nature.


Not only do they offer a healthy, low fat alternative for a tasty treat, but will add other health benefits into your pet’s diet.

Our Chews are suitable for dogs with:

Weight Issues ✔️
Allergies ✔️
Pancreatitis ✔️
Low Immunity ✔️
Liver/Kidney disease ✔️
Diabetes ✔️

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Have a Soopa day!

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