Keeping your Dog Safe at Night

Keeping your Dog Safe at Night

Barbara Hanly

As the nights grow longer and darker, taking our four-legged friends on their regular walkies can seem like a daunting task. With little light and colder nights upon us, keeping ourselves and our pets safe when out and about has never been more important.

Remaining visible is of great importance when out for walkies with our canine companions, vital for our safety and the safety of other road users, here’s our top tips for keeping you and your furry friend safe this when walking this winter.

Visible Clothing

This may seem obvious but as our skies turn darker quicker than ever, it is easy for you and your pet to become immersed in the darkness when out on wonderful walks. When walking roadside, we always recommend you and your pet to wear clothing which is reflective. Light wear jackets with reflective strips or even a reflective lead for your furry friend can be found in the majority of pet retailers meaning no matter how dark it is, oncoming vehicles are aware you are out on your adventures.

Light ‘em Up!

There is really nothing more vital when out in the dark as a light to lead your way. For walkers in more rural areas where street lighting is minimal attaching a light to your dog’s harness or collar can be a safety trick you really won’t want to live without.

With pet retailers now selling clip on lights to keep your pooch visible in the darkness or even light up collars to lead your way, keeping you and your furry friend safe in the dark has never been easier.

Glow in the Dark Toys

We all know how much our dogs love to play. As a massive part of their daily exercise and fitness, playing with their favourite toys is a fundamental part of our dog’s day. However, as the nights grow darker, taking our dogs out to play can seem impossible as the lights fade fast as soon as we return home from work.

For dogs who love a good ole game of fetch, the fun doesn’t have to stop just because the lights have gone out. Avoid your dog losing their favourite toy or injuring themselves by playing in the dark with a glow in the dark or light up toy. Keeping playtime going no matter what the weather, investing in a glowing toy will keep their tails wagging all day and night long.


So as the sun sets sooner than it did it Summer, follow our top tips for keeping you and your four-legged friend safe this winter and invest in some tools to keep you visible no matter how dark our nights may become.


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