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Keeping Pets Calm for Christmas

Barbara Hanly

As we put up trees, wrap around lights and hang up holly, our houses begin to change in time for Christmas. For us, the joy of decorating is what keeps us jolly on the run up to the big day but for our pets the drastic change to décor and furniture can leave them feeling a little humbug about the holidays.

With a nationwide lockdown over and talks of visitors through our doors around the festive periods, our pets can become a little anxious, now more than ever, that their daily routine, cosy corners and happy homes are changing in front of their eyes. With twinkly trees and hanging baubles promising to be too tempting to both cats and dogs, here’s a list of our tips and tricks to keeping your decorations safe and your furry friends calm this Christmas.

Care for Cats

We all know how much our cats and kittens love to climb and clamber. With trees often being too tempting for our four-legged friends, ensuring hanging baubles are safe and secure is one way of saving both your decorations and feline from a Christmas disaster. Be sure to double knot and tie any hanging baubles as their glistening glow and sparkly shine are too much of an attraction for cats that like to climb.

Keep your tree and pet safe by tethering your tree to the wall or ceiling to avoid coming home to your tree toppled onto the floor. Securing your tree will keep both your cat and tree safe if one does decide to investigate what lurks within the branches. Ensure lights are on a single setting as flashing lights can trigger curiosity and playfulness in cats causing them to climb.

Keeping your decorations as simplistic will ultimately make your four-legged friend feel as comfortable and calm this Christmas.

Ease Anxiety

With emotions and moods so erratic at Christmas, our pets can pick up on times of stress and worry in their owners. With the stress of decorations, dinner, wrapping and festivities, ensure you create a safe space for your furry friend when things get a little too much.

A blissful blanket, delightful duvet and pawfect plush teddy can be everything your pet needs to cosy into to keep calm and stress-free. Placing their beds and safe places away from communal areas such as kitchens and living areas during the height of Christmas can allow your pet for some much needed alone time to keep them calm and cosy when Christmas chaos ensues.

Ensure to give your pet a little extra TLC around Christmas time when our thoughts are with dinner plans, guests and presents. Just like us, our pets can pick up on small changes and require their routines to be a normal as possible when it comes to Christmas…our pets as just as important as ever. Also check out our calming homemade dog treat recipe here! Made with natural calming ingredients it's sure to help your dog feel more at ease if needed. 

So with just a few weeks to go until December 25th, keep your pets as stress-free as possible to ensure they have a cosy and calm Christmas this yuletide season.




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