Doggy Detox

January Doggy Detox

Barbara Hanly

I am sure like us here at Soopa, Christmas has left you feeling a little overloaded and sluggish and in need of a wee detox or some kind of new years resolution on exercising a healthy January!? But what about our canine friends who too have snuck in an extra treat or two and eaten leftover turkey dinners scraped into their dishes on countless occasions between Christmas and New Year?

Here's our January Doggy Detox top tips for cleaner, fresher living.

  1. Feed Soopa Coconut as a treat everyday for the month of January. It’s good for weight loss and a great detox aid. Coconut meat contains medium chained triglycerides, metabolised in a different manner to other triglycerides. This fat is used as a source of energy transported directly to the liver rather than being stored as fat. Therefore MCTs in coconut can actually help stimulate your body's metabolism, leading to weight loss and management of weight. Coconut is also known for its detoxifying effects on the body. So much so we say to begin with small amounts and increase over time as it rids your pet’s body of toxins rather efficiently.
  2. Feed more fresh foods such as Soopa chews, vegetables, or even a superfood supplement for dogs. Superfoods help cleanse the body especially leafy greens so don’t be shy to add a little into your pet’s meal.
  3. If your dog is in for a New Years bath then indulge in a natural shampoo and conditioner and save those harsh chemicals penetrating the skin.
  4. Massage helps stimulate circulation and the lymphatic system so maybe give your dog a special massage each evening before bed. Its very relaxing, releases endorphins and is even therapy for you. Massage your dog's back using circular motions, going up and down on both sides of the spine. Keep gently massaging your dog until you get to the back legs and tail area. Once you finish, they should be totally calm and stress-free.
  5. Make sure water is filtered and not directly from the tap as it contains mould, fungicides, pesticides and lots of other unnecessary nasties.


Happy New Year and here’s to healthy and happy doggies everywhere

Soopa pets ❤️

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