How to Help your Dog Lose Weight

How to Help your Dog Lose Weight

Barbara Mary Hanly

Have you noticed your dog a little larger around their tummies? Are they running out of steam mid-walk or during bouts of play? Well, if you answered yes to any of the above it sounds like your dog may have gained a few extra pounds over the recent weeks or months. 

No fear, Soopa is here and we want to help you learn how you can support your dog’s weight loss and get their bodies into the best condition pawsible. With our seven simple steps, from increased exercise to low-calorie alternatives, here’s everything you need to know about helping your dog to lose weight and be the healthiest they can pawsibly be! 

7 Ways to Help Your Dog Lose Weight 

We all know that weight loss cannot be achieved overnight therefore planning, preparation and patience are the top tools to ensure maximum impact. With just our seven simple steps, you can support your dog’s weight loss helping your dog to be happy, healthy and more wholesome. 

  • Cut back on calories

  • When it comes to weight management, it is all about calories. The more calories we eat without burning = weight gain and the fewer calories we consume and burn off = weight loss. This same principle applies to our pets too! If your dog likes to have a treat or two in the evening then perhaps try substituting treats with fresh fruit or veggies or feeding your dog. Ultimately, reducing your dog’s daily calorie intake will result in weight loss in no time at all. 

  • Switch to a low-carb, high-protein food

  • Your dog’s food might be the reason they are piling on those extra pounds so why not try changing their food for a lower carb and higher protein option? Look for labels with a protein ratio of at least 50-60% to ensure your dog is getting all the right vitamins and nutrients to support their body's functions. 

    Lower carbohydrates mean less likelihood of your dog consuming ingredients that are low in fibre which are ultimately stored as fats resulting in rapid weight gain. Opting for grain-free alternatives such as sweet potato-based foods can help support your dog in losing that unnecessary weight. 

  • Add Fibre to your dog’s diet

  • Adding natural fibre from fruit and vegetables can support your dog’s digestive system keeping them regular and avoiding digestive issues such as constipation. As fruits and veggies are forms of soluble fibre, this is easily absorbed into the digestive system and transferred into energy rather than stored as fat ensuring your pooch is full of beans…in the best possible way. 

  • Provide plenty of fresh water

  • As water is a natural appetite suppressant, encouraging your dog to drink more water can ultimately lead to weight loss. As the stomach becomes full, when we eat or drink, it sends signals to the brain to stop eating. Drinking water can ultimately trick the brain into telling the stomach it has consumed too much helping to shed those extra poochy pounds. 

    Perhaps during times you would feed your dog, take for a brisk walk around the street and then encourage a drink afterwards to avoid your dog going straight for the food bowl.

  • Provide extra exercise opportunities

  • If you believe your dog has piled on the pounds, outdoor exercise is a great way to help your dog lose weight. Encourage more intense exercise like playing fetch or catching a frisbee to work other muscle groups and increase cardiovascular exercise too. 

    As senior dogs are more likely to gain weight than younger pups, take more frequent strolls rather than long walks and increase the intensity by varying terrain or speed. 

  • Reward with Fun, Not Food

  • It is very easy for our furry friends to get into a routine to reward with a tasty treat rather than another form of positive reinforcement. When your dog behaves positively, try interacting with them in a different way like a game of fetch or tug of war so they begin to associate good behaviour with fun times with their owner rather than just food. 

    If your dog is a lover of tasty treats, try Soopa Healthy Bites. At just 3 calories per bite, these healthy and wholesome snacks are scrumptious and Soopa for dogs who may need to watch what they eat from time to time. 

  • Be patient

  • Like us humans, weight loss is not an overnight change. Patience is the key to success and a healthy and wholesome dog cannot be rushed. Weight loss can be done fast but as we all know maintaining that loss is a lot harder than we think. Therefore, never attempt any quick fixes if you want your dog to lose weight. 

    We always recommend before making any substantial changes to your dog’s diet and lifestyle, seek advice from your local vet who can help support your dog’s transition to a healthier life. Ultimately, small, gradual and achievable lifestyle changes are the pawfect recipe for weight loss and to ensure your dog stays at a healthy and happy weight for the rest of their lives. 


    Here at Soopa, we understand the importance of keeping an eye on your dog’s weight. With all our tasty treats and scrumptious snacks suited to maintaining a dog’s weight and well-being, managing your dog’s health is easier than you think. Our range of healthy bites come in a variety of fantastic flavours and are made with 100% natural and human-grade ingredients to suit even the fussiest of eaters. Lovingly low-calorie and completely grain-free, our Soopa snacks are everything your dog needs to maintain a healthy weight for longer. 

    With the simple steps above, your dog can have a healthy and happy body keeping their tails wagging each and every day. So, whether you want your dog to lose a little weight or you want advice on how to support weight gain in your four-legged friend, our Soopa heroes have all the advice you need to keep your canine companion in tip-top shape in 2022.

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