Health Benefits of Dog Dental Treats

Health Benefits of Dog Dental Treats

Barbara Mary Hanly

When it comes to taking care of our dog’s health and wellbeing, taking care of your dog’s oral health is fundamental to a happy and healthy dog. 

Using their mouths to play, eat, drink and even show affection, ensuring your dog’s teeth are in tip-top condition can help reduce the likelihood of bad breath, gum disease and even tooth loss. With dental treatment costing between £300-£500 across veterinary clinics, doing some homecare really can save more than just the pennies this autumn. 

For those in-between brush days, there really is nothing more beneficial than dental sticks for your dogs. Helping to care for teeth and gums, here’s why a doggy dental chew is the best for oral health. 

What are Dog Dental Sticks?

Dental sticks are usually long-rectangular or cylinder treats that dogs can chew  - basically a tasty toothbrush. Made in specific designs and shapes to massage gum lines, brush away plaque and tartar and to freshen breath, chews are a great way to clean your dog’s teeth in-between periods of toothbrushing.

Benefits of Dental Sticks for Dogs 

Did you know dental chews can do more than just support oral health? From alleviating stress to managing destructive chewing, dental sticks have many more benefits for our dogs than simply just cleaning their teeth. 

With our dogs just loving something to nibble and gnaw, here’s why giving your dog a dental stick can have a more pawsitive impact than you think. 

Reduce Plaque & Tartar

Ever noticed a slight brownish mark on your dog’s teeth? If not, great! But if you ever, these brownish marks are indications that your dog’s teeth have a tartar build-up and need to be cleaned and removed by the vet. 

Plaque is a sticky bacterial substance that latches onto teeth after eating and drinking. Regular brushing and dental sticks can help keep plaque at bay. However, if left untreated it can harden and turn into a nasty tartar substance leading to browning and discoloured teeth. Prolonged tartar buildup can cause problems like gum disease (gingivitis), abscesses and tooth loss. 

As your dog chews dental sticks the pieces help to scrub away nasty plaque build-up whilst massaging the gum line. Dental sticks are a dog’s dental floss and when combined with daily brushing are the best way to keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean and fresh.

Banish Bad Breath

From time to time it is easy for our dogs to develop stinky breath but did you know the main cause of stinky breath is bacteria building up in the mouth? A daily dental treat, often created with naturally breath-freshening ingredients like parsley, peppermint and apple, can help clean teeth whilst eliminating bacteria in the mouth meaning no more stinky breath. 

Great for Gums

We’ve all seen the adverts where the prospect of bleeding gums terrifies us into investing in dental floss, powerful toothpaste and electric toothbrushes. Well, did you know dogs are just as prone to gum disease, known as gingivitis, just as much as humans? 

Gum disease occurs from poor brushing techniques where gums haven’t been stimulated and plaque hasn’t been removed from the bottom of your teeth. Gums become red and swollen and can bleed resulting in a very sore mouth and often bad breath. 

Dental sticks are the best way to help combat the early stages of gum disease, as many dental sticks sold are created with specific shapes designed to get right into the gum lines as your dog chews. Soopa range of dental sticks are the best dental sticks for gum line support as their multiple curves and ridges help get into all the nooks and crannies of your dog’s teeth and gums. 

Help to Stop Stress

As occasions like Bonfire Night approach in the upcoming months, dog owners scramble to find solutions to keep their dogs calm and stress-free as the loud bangs occur. If your dog suffers from noise anxiety, a chew can help alleviate their stress, keeping them calmer for longer. 

Chewing actually releases chemicals into the brain which triggers the release of happy hormones in your dog. During periods of high anxiety or worry, giving your dog a dental stick can help relax them and make them feel at ease in the best possible way. Dental sticks are the best treat for dogs who may become stressed during times of separation, car journeys or even trips to the vet. 

 Are Dental Sticks Safe for Dogs? 

Dental sticks are completely safe for dogs under the correct supervision. Whether your dog is a few months old or a senior pooch, it is vital to ALWAYS SUPERVISE when giving your dog any form of treat or chew. Like toys, treats or even food, choking can be a potential risk so it is always recommended you supervise your dog with a chew. 

Unlike us humans, dogs don’t break down their food for digestion in their mouths by chewing. Dogs have a tendency to gulp down their kibble, treats and chews therefore keeping an eye on your dog whilst they are enjoying a delicious dental stick is key to their safety. 

The majority of high-street dental sticks are safe for dogs, however, it is recommended to stay clear of any chew containing rawhide. Rawhide is a synthetic ingredient that has a tendency to splinter, crack and crumble leading to a potential choking hazard for your dog. 

When it comes to ingredients, natural is always best. Avoid chews with added flavourings, preservatives and additives as these can lead to digestive problems for your pet. For 100% nutrition and safety, best to opt for chews that are completely natural, contain wholesome ingredients and are made to support your dog’s overall health and wellbeing- not just their teeth. 

The Soopa Range of Dental Sticks 

When it comes to dental sticks, Soopa’s range of natural and healthy chews are the best dental sticks on the market. Made with 100% natural, human-grade and grain-free ingredients, our dental sticks are the best for supporting your dog’s dental health and giving their bodies and taste buds a little extra TLC. 

Natural Fruit Chews

Created from nothing more than 100% naturally dried fruit and veggies, our fruit chews are a great way of giving your dog a dental chew with a difference. In three fabulous flavours: Coconut, Papaya and Sweet Potato, these chews contain nothing more than the ingredient on the label. Chewy, tasty and brilliantly beneficial for teeth and gums, your dogs will love their fruity favourites time and time again. 

Dental Sticks

Specifically designed to combat bad breath and plaque and tartar buildup, Soopa’s range of Dental Sticks are everything your dog needs for those in-between brush days. With a Soopa selection of fantastic flavours to suit any fussy easter, whether you have a puppy or golden oldie at home, you will definitely find a chew for your four-legged friend. 

Flavours include: 

With regular offers across our products each and every month, there is no time like the present to purchase our delicious dental sticks and provide your dog with the best support for their dental health. Because, when it comes to dental sticks ours really are the best in the business.

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