is it safe to feed fruits and vegetables to my dog ?

Give them 5 a Day 🍏

Barbara Hanly

Throughout our lives, we have constantly been told about the importance of incorporating fresh fruit and vegetables into our diets. With more and more research highlighting the positives of 5 a day for both us and our dogs, it’s never been easier to fill their furry mouths with all fantastic fruits and vital veggies to keep their tails wagging and lips smacking each and every day.

As advocates of fresh fruit and veggies, we believe there really is nothing better for your pet that fresh, nutritious and wholesome ingredients. As many high street brands pack their chews and treats with meat derivatives that are full of flavourings and preservatives, the nutritional value of fruit and vegetable based treats really are significant beyond belief. From ravishing root veggies to beneficial berries, here’s why your dog bowl should be packed with more than just their 5 a day.

Fantastic Fruits

Supplementing your pet’s daily diet with super fruit such as berries can work wonders for their health and wellbeing. Packed with antioxidants and full of vitamins and minerals. Super berries are an ideal addition to our pet’s daily grub. Actively improving immune function and your dog’s overall health and wellbeing, the anti-oxidant power of these little fruits can help your dog avoids unwanted illness this winter. With wild weather this winter creating potential problems for our dog’s skin and coats, berries can provide support for keeping coats as shiny and glossy as ever.

Like any food, moderation is the key to benefits. Fruit naturally contains high levels of sugar (fructose) that can be problematic if given in high doses. Just like us humans, overindulging in fruit can have negative effects such as digestive issues so keep your dog’s tummies troublesome free by avoiding overfeeding of fantastical fruits.

Vital Veggies

Packed with vitamins and minerals to support the functions of our body, vegetables are significant in keeping our pets’ bodies in tip top shape. Root veggies such as sweet potatoes, carrots and squashes are filled with vitamins to keep their skin and coat healthy and nourished. Used by businesses to replace grains such as white potatoes and cereals in pet food, root vegetables are becoming the ingredient of choice to keep our pets feeling full after their bowlful of delicious dinner.

Leafy greens such as spinach, kale and even seaweed are rising in popularity in the pet food market. Bursting with delicious vitamins to support eye health, these leafy greens are the goodness your pooch needs to keep their peepers healthy and wholesome. With the majority of our chews and treats featuring these vital veggies, you know when you pick a treat with us that its SOOPA beyond belief.


So as Spring begins, give your dog their 5 a day and see just how great they can be for your four-legged friend because when it comes to fruit and veggies, we think they are SOOPA.

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