Feeding Senior Dogs

Feeding Senior Dogs

Barbara Mary Hanly

A healthy diet is fundamental in every stage of your dog’s life. From their first delicious dinners as a playful pup to supplemented support in senior stages, your dog’s food needs to contain all the wholesome goodness to keep them happy and healthy each and every day.

As we all know, growing older can bring with it a little less need to run and play as we once did in our youth. For our dogs, in their later stages of life, exercise will become less intense so their feeding must ensure no unnecessary pounds are piled on in the process. Understanding how to adapt your dog’s diet to support their natural growing and aging process will guarantee that your golden oldie has an enriched diet that will keep their bodies in tip top shape.


Lower the Fat

With their metabolisms not working as magically as they once did, keeping your dog’s diet low in fat as they grow older can ensure you keep illness such as obesity well at bay. Having higher fat content in red meats such as beef, it is recommended that when your dog reaches the senior stages in their life that you switch to learner meats such as turkey as the staple proteins in their diets.

Here at Soopa, we understand the importance of healthy, wholesome and low-fat diets so much that we even dedicated a whole realm of products suited to supporting a healthier and happier way of rewarding your four-legged friend. Our new puppy range is great for senior dogs who find it harder to chew as they are softer than other dental sticks yet just as tasty! 

Our Healthy Bites

Made with 100% human grade ingredients, our range of healthy bites are a great way to treat your furry friend as they grow older. Containing only 3 calories pet bite, these scrumptious snacks are a healthier alternative than meat-based treats meaning your glorious golden-oldie can maintain a vital boost of vitamins and nutrients in their daily diet.

With a ravishing range of flavours to choose from including Carrot & Pumpkin, Kale & Apple, Coconut & Chia Seed, your pooch will be spoilt for choice of the wholesome and healthy range of scrumptious snacks. Our Puppy range is also suitable for dogs 


How often should I feed my Senior Dog?

In our delightful doggy world, there is no real “one size fits all” approach to feeding. With so many breeds and sizes of dogs out there, there is no definitive rule about how much any specific senior dog should eat.

It is highly recommended to feed your senior dog no more than twice a day, we recommend a bowl in the morning and evening to support your dog's health and wellbeing. In regard to amount, this is always dependent on your dog's weight and size. With a lower calorie intake needed, we recommend sprinkling your dog's bowl with kibble so the bottom is just barely visible.

See our rough guide to senior feeding below but always refer to your dog’s food manufacturer for the most accurate feeding guide for your golden oldie.

  • For smaller breeds - 150-200g per day
  • For medium breeds - 200-250g per day
  • For larger breeds - 250-300g per day

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