Enrichment Activities For Your Dogs

Enrichment Activities For Your Dogs

Barbara Mary Hanly

Keeping our pets healthy and happy is a fundamental part of being a responsible dog owner. With us investing both time and money into ensuring our dog’s health is the best it can be, do you put in the same effort to ensure your dog’s mental health is the same?

Enriching your dog’s day with games and activities targeted to improve their stimulation, bust boredom and help alleviate symptoms of separation anxiety, stress or excessive aggression can ensure your four-legged friend leads a happier, wholesome and healthier life. 

From treat-dispensing toys to hide-and-seek games in the garden, here’s how, with our Soopa snacks, you and your dog can build your bond whilst providing enriching fun to improve all overall health and wellbeing this summer. 

Treat with Toys

Treat dispensing toys are a fantastic way of rewarding your pet whilst boosting mental stimulation. Reward balls, bowls or sticks allow for easy filling of your dog’s favourite Soopa snack and are designed to encourage your dog to problem solve with a tasty treat at the end. 

These delightfully designed toys are superb for dogs on weight management plans who need to monitor their calorie intake. Instead of simply handing your furry friend a few treats, why not incorporate them into their daily playtime to help boost mental stimulation and mouth-eye coordination. 

Hide-and-Seek Games

Like us humans, our dogs can’t resist the smell of something succulent and scrumptious. Hiding treats in doggy-friendly containers and hiding both inside and outside the house can be a great way of building a bond with your pet during play and sparking that primal urge to hunt. 

Our healthy bites are a great treat for placing inside reward balls, dispensing treats and even small, plastic eggs (leftover from egg hunts) to hide around your home. Give your dog a head start by placing a treat or two in plain sight and watch as they sniff and scurry to find the rest. 

Smile with Snoot

Becoming increasingly popular across social media, Snoot involves your pooch placing their nose into different shaped objects. This enrichment activity enhances the recall and recognition of words and can be delightfully entertaining to watch. 

All you need for this amazon activity is a cut cardboard box, with a hole large enough to fit your dog’s nose and their favourite soopa treats. 

Follow the steps to achieve the Soopa Snoot Challenge

  1. Encourage your dog to place its nose in the box using a reward as a reward for doing so
  2. Repeat the process but this time pretend to hold a treat and when your dog puts their nose through - reward with a treat
  3. Now pair the action with a word such as “boop” where your dog will associate the word with a reward and with some practice and patience your dog will soon conquer the Snoot Challenge. 

Our Soopa treats  are low-calorie, healthy and hypoallergenic making them the ideal treat for incorporating into any activity with your furry friend. So, if you want to bust boredom, increase mental stimulation and have fun with your four-legged friend, try some of our enrichment activities and have yourself a Soopa summer. 

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