Dealing With Diabetes

Dealing With Diabetes

Barbara Mary Hanly

A common disease in both humans and dogs, a diabetes diagnosis is not the end of the world. Although frightening and unnerving, many dogs live a long, fulfilling and happy life with these diseases. Almost all dogs with diabetes suffer from Type 1, a lack of insulin production from the pancreas leading to lack of production of sugar(glucose) needed for energy. Type 1 diabetes is not reversible but easily treated by a veterinarian leading your pooch to undergo insulin treatment for the remainder of their life. 

Like in humans, diabetes can be managed and supported with a closely monitored diet. Ensuring your dog has the correct diet can ensure no side-effects occur from the disease that may leave your dog needing emergency treatment. Our treats, although not a cure for diabetes, can help manage your dog’s nutrition intake making them the ideal snack for sufferers of this doggy disease.

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