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Can feeding Superfoods help your dog’s bad breath?

Barbara Hanly
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There are a number of reasons your pet may have bad breath. Plaque build up, gingivitis, other oral diseases or perhaps dysbiosis in the gut. This is often fermentation of foods, poor gut bacteria and an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the digestive tract. Eating certain foods can help ease these obnoxious smells. Here’s how:


Sweet Potato chews

Chewing can be a fun and necessary thing for a dog’s mental health but it’s also necessary to clean their teeth. They would have chewed on bones and grazed on vegetation in the wild. Chewing sweet potato can offer similar enzymes and a bacterium that aids digestion and encourages the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

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Papaya chews

Chewing Papaya on a limited basis can also offer enzymes that may help aid teeth cleaning but also help breakdown proteins in the gut due papaya containing a proteolytic enzyme.

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Coconut chews

Chewing coconut is a great way to clean teeth and help detoxify the body. Bad smells will be gone in no time. Consider adding coconut oil to any homemade recipes, popping it into your pet’s food occasionally or rubbing it on a wound or dry skin.

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Soopa Pet Chews are a fantastic and safe treat to give to your pet as they are pure, raw, dehydrated and unadulterated veg and fruit chews chosen for their particular healing powers in nature. The only treat that will add health benefits into your pet’s diet.


Have a Soopa day!

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