Best Treats for Immune Support

Best Treats for Immune Support

Barbara Mary Hanly

Contrary to belief, our likelihood of picking up those nasty bugs increases as the weather warms. As winter wearily wanders away, spring brings with it warmer weather and an increased chance of catching a cold now and again. Just like us humans, our pets need to keep their immune systems working in order to help ward off any nasty illnesses that stand a chance of a fight with your four-legged friend. From stomach bugs to common colds, keeping your immune system strong and fighting ensures they stay happy and healthy, no matter what the seasons may bring. 

Here at Soopa, we are dedicated to designing treats that not only taste great but support your dog’s overall health and wellbeing. With Soopa’s founder, Barbara Hanly, at the heart of every recipe and design, she ensures every ingredient is used for not only their fabulous flavour but the health benefits they bring to our little furry friends. 

Supporting Your Dog’s Immune System

Responsible for keeping your dog healthy and happy, their immune system is the sole warrior in the fight against viruses. With illness from gastroenteritis and sore throats easily interchangeable between dogs and humans, immune support can help ensure that your dog’s body can combat the dangers quickly and easily. 

As research has suggested for years, Vitamin C is a fantastic source of immune supporting power that can help keep nasty bugs at bay. Found in citrus fruit and root vegetables, this vital vitamin can keep our dog’s bodies in tip top shape all year around. Understanding the soopapower of Vitamin C, we simply couldn’t make treats that didn’t feature foods bursting with it. 

Snacks with Soopa Powers

Created with your dog’s immunity in mind, our Carrot & Pumpkin Healthy Bites & Dental Sticks are a fantastic source of Vitamin C whilst also keeping teeth clean and breath fresh. These amazing antioxidant treats naturally help cleanse your dog’s digestive system and kidney’s helping to keep nasty bacteria at bay so your dog is in prime health all year around. 

Natural sweet and perfect for dogs, our Sweet Potato chews are packed with pawfuls of Vitamin C for immune boosting support. In addition to Vitamin C, Sweet Potato is naturally loaded with Beta-Carotene, a natural oxidant that supports your dog’s overall health. 

Our dogs naturally convert Beta-Carotene into Vitamin A, a vitamin responsible for supporting eye health, joint maintenance and development. This champion combination ensures your dog’s immune support has all the soopahero help it needs to help reduce the likelihood of viruses and diseases throughout your dog’s life. 

Noticing your dog feeling a little under the weather? Pick up a pack of immune supporting treats today and give their bodies the brilliant boost they need this spring.

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