Vegetables for your Dog

5 Reasons to Feed Your Dog Vegetables

Barbara Hanly

In the last few years, healthy eating has reached all new heights. It’s impossible to log onto your social media without being bombarded with images of clean eating jumping out at you, urging you to eat your greens and put down that carrot cake (apparently it doesn’t count as one of your five a day!)

And while we are all making the effort to cook more and eat better, one member of our family may be left out. Our four-legged friends have not always been offered the most healthy of options but, just like us humans, our dogs now have the option to add fruit and veggies to their diet and reap the benefits.

Why should you add natural foods to your dog’s diet?

Here are five great benefits of some fruits and vegetables for your best friend.

1. They can reduce inflammation. Just like in humans, fruits and vegetables can have an alkalising affect on your dog’s body and organs and help reduce inflammation. Too much acidity and inflammation can lead to chronic disease.

2. They can add valuable minerals to your dog’s diet. Leafy greens like kale and seaweed add magnesium, potassium and micro nutrients. Have you tried our Kale & Apple bites?

3. Aid digestion by adding fibre and digestive enzymes.

4. Suitable for dogs on low protein diets.

5. Some fruits, such as Cranberry, can help with dental health and bad breath.


NOTE: Not all fruits and vegetables should be fed to dogs!

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