Dogs Trust Ireland – Champ

Dogs Trust Ireland – Champ Champ is a 7 year old Greyhound who is¬†currently looking for a retirement home where he can relax and enjoy his life. Despite being an older gentleman, Champ has not lost his sparkle and is happy and excited when meeting new people. Champ has great leash manners, and loves walking […]

Dogs Trust Ireland Winter

Dogs Trust Ireland – Winter Winter is a playful active two year old, male greyhound with a taste for mischief! He is looking for a home with owners who can keep him busy and entertained. Winter adores people but like so many dogs that have been abandoned and lost confidence and stability, he struggles to […]

dog trust puppies happy

DOGS TRUST IRELAND Soopa happy and proud to work with @dogstrust_ire Ireland this year. The staff in Finglas are wonderful and work so hard to keep the dogs in their care happy and healthy. Thank you for an amazing 2017. #AdoptDontShop ūüé•: @dogstrust_ire A post shared by Soopa Pet Food (@soopapets) on Dec 19, 2017 […]

Dog Of The Week – Ralph

Dogs Trust Ralph – Soopa Pets Dog Of The Week Important stuff about me Child-friendly (under 12 yrs) Needs some training Young at heart Stranger friendly Loves treats/will work for food Loves toys/games Crossbreed This weeks dog is RALPH LIKES Ralph is an extremely handsome 1 year old Belgian Shepard who steals the hearts of […]

Dogs Trust #TheUnderDogs – PORKIE

Dogs Trust UnderDogs – Porkie Dogs Trust Underdogs Rescue Dog Of The Week PORKIE   Soopa Pets are helping out with the Dogs Trust Underdogs campaign. We have teamed up with Dogs Trust Ireland to help find homes for some of their¬†longest-serving Furry Friends. Porkie is this weeks¬†Dog Of The Week. He a beautiful one-year-old […]

Dogs Trust #TheUnderDogs – AMBER

Dogs Trust Ireland UnderDogs – Amber Dogs Trust Ireland Underdogs Rescue Dog Of The Week Amber   Soopa Pets is helping to promote Dogs Trust Ireland Underdogs Campaign and this week’s Dog Of The Week is Amber. Amber is an 8-year-old female Pit Bull¬†Terrier who has been overlooked for so long.¬† She is loved by […]

Overweight Dogs

  Overweight Dogs Soopa Pets are here to help!! Are you looking to help your overweight dog? Here are 5 tips to lower your dog’s weight and bring them back to full health. Portion Control If you don‚Äôt measure your dog’s food and you still have overweight dogs, ask your vet exactly how much your […]


DOGS TRUST IRELAND RESCUE DOG OF THE WEEK BARNEY Soopa Pets have teamed up with Dogs Trust Ireland to help find homes for lost and abandoned dogs. Dogs Trust Ireland & Soopa Pets bring you BARNEY!!! Barney is a distinguished 7-year-old crossbreed gentleman with very simple requirements in life; a soft cosy bed, nice meals […]

Why go Coco Nuts?

Soopa the new kid on the block for dog treats! Soopa are the only treats on the market that actually offer genuine health-promoting benefits being pure state vegetable and fruit.   100% natural with absolutely nothing added Low in fat Hypoallergenic and low in protein Full of enzymes that clean teeth, help digestion and support […]